Mom Has an Important Message for Her Recently-Diagnosed Son. This Will Resonate with All Autism Parents!

Getting an autism diagnosis for a child can be a very emotional experience.

Some parents find themselves grieving a sort of “loss.” Some find relief, now knowing what they’re up against and how they can help their child. And some find themselves filled with resolve to know more about the disorder and do everything in their power to give their child the greatest life possible.

But while life changes and emotions vary, one thing does not change after an autism diagnosis.

And that is the parents’ love for their little one.

That is very apparent in the letter one mom wrote to her son, Jacob after his official diagnosis.

Her words are beautiful.

From telling the story of Jacob’s diagnosis to assuring him that autism—though a part of him—does not define him, her thoughts are incredibly touching. I can’t wait until he’s old enough to hear it himself. But until then, you be sure to give it a listen.

(Grab the box of tissues first!)

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