Man With Asperger’s Explains Why We’re Teaching Social Skills Wrong

One of the core symptoms of autism is social issues. As a result, we naturally think it’s a good idea to prioritize teaching them social skills.

But according to Asperger Experts, that’s not what we should be doing.

Are you just as confused as I was when I first heard about this? At first I thought the video below would present an extreme view—something along the lines of “we shouldn’t be doing anything to help people with autism adapt to the world.”

But no, that’s not the case. As shocked and skeptical as I was initially, I have to admit it made a lot of sense once I sat down and listened to what Danny Raede, the man with Asperger’s in the video, had to say.

The idea he presents seems to fall in line with the Intense World Theory—that people with autism feel, perceive, and experience their world too intensely, and that is what leads to the typical symptoms, such as repetitive behaviors, social struggles, and communication difficulties. While many with autism agree with this theory, it still has yet to be scientifically proven.

That being said, we advise caution; everyone is different, and what works for some may not work for everybody. Before you try any treatment strategy—including this one—be sure to talk to a professional for advice and guidance.

But this is an interesting perspective on dealing with a common issue, so let us know in the comments…what do you think of this take?

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