12 Ways Neurotypicals Can Make Socializing Easier for ASD Peers

6. “Talk in clear, short sentences.”

“Be specific. Sometimes the more you ask or explain can cause you to lose that person’s attention.” —Reddit User Cossasaurs

5. “Don’t make them feel uncomfortable”

“Don’t make them feel uncomfortable when they do things out of the social norm.” —Reddit User AntiAbleism

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4. “Start a conversation.”

“I’ll no doubt join in if I have something to add.” —Reddit User andyc225

3. “Don’t pressure or force me to do things I don’t want to do”

“…even if you feel that ‘everyone’ enjoys it. For instance if we’re at a wedding reception and everyone is dancing, if you ask me to come dance and I say no thanks, leave it at that. If you keep coming back and asking me, or even grab my hands and drag me onto the dance floor, I feel VERY UNCOMFORTABLE!” —Reddit User AngeltheAlien

2. “Stand up for them.”

“If somebody else is making fun of or being rude to an autistic person, stand up for them. The gesture of support can mean a lot even if the person causing trouble doesn’t listen.” —Reddit User cakeisatruth

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1. “Be patient.”

“Allow the person diagnosed with autism to process the information so that they can respond. People with autism have a slower processing time and while a neurotypical person is moving on to the next topic the person with autism may still be processing the first one.” —Reddit User hayesa10

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