Wow! This Powerful Performance Will Resonate With Anyone Who Knows Someone On The Spectrum

Slam poetry has a special way of getting a point across to people in a way no other kind of communication can. It’s often more literal than traditional poetry, and the tone of voice the artist uses makes the message clearer to the audience than it would have been if written as an essay or spoken as a formal speech. It is one of the most powerful ways we can show someone how we feel about a topic.

If you’ve never seen a slam poem, you’re in for a treat with this one.

Alyea Pierce’s slam poem “Beethoven’s Last Song” (also known as “Justin: A Poem To Autism”) centers around an amazing young musician in her life who is on the spectrum.

Pierce’s voice is rich and powerful, and her message is a beautiful one that everyone needs to hear: people with autism may be different, but they are different for a reason. It’s time for everyone to appreciate them instead of comparing them to others.

The whole poem is incredible, but 1:54 to 2:30 left me speechless.

Listen to her powerful message in the following video and find out why “miracles are surprises.”

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