This Little Boy Has the Cutest Reaction to Seeing His Deployed Dad on Skype!

With her husband, Rob, deployed to Southwest Asia, Vania Ferreira obviously missed her husband desperately, but asked only one thing of Ellen: that Rob and his fellow troops receive new underwear, so that they didn’t have to keep borrowing one another’s.

Instead of asking for him to come home for a visit or a special package delivered to her husband, she selflessly asked for something her husband and his fellow troops needed in their daily lives. Clearly, it was a request Ellen could not refuse. She brought Vania on the show and, since this IS Ellen after all, she surprised Vania with an unexpected Skype call with Rob…

But that’s not all!

When some special guests are brought onto the set to see Vania, well, it’s almost too precious to behold. Take a look for yourself! (And maybe grab some tissues just in case.)

How adorable was that!? Can’t get enough? No worries. Just when you thought Rob, Vania, Jack, and Noelle couldn’t get any cuter…

In this second video, little Jack quite simply isn’t ready to say goodbye to his dad. Instead, he sprints to that screen, arms wide, hoping to hug him.

Don’t worry if your eyes start to water…ours did too.

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