This Innovative Restaurant Is Providing Opportunities for People in the Deaf Community

For the millions of deaf people around the world, employment can be difficult. There’s some industries that just don’t seem well-suited to the hearing impaired, like being a waiter or waitress.

Signs, a restaurant in Toronto, Canada, has decided to change that dynamic by hiring a completely deaf wait staff and requiring the patrons to use American Sign Language to order their meals. The menu is printed with the correct signs to help the restaurant-goers who are not fluent in ASL.

It’s a pretty incredible place and a wonderfully innovative idea for a restaurant, as well. Not only does it offer awesome opportunities to the deaf community, but it also teaches people bits and pieces of ASL—and knowing more than one language is an important skill for everyone in our world today.

There’s only one problem…it seems that Signs’ popularity has made a reservation at this restaurant one of the most coveted in Toronto!

Check out the video below to learn more about this amazing place!

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