A Conversation Between Santa and a Girl With Hearing Difficulties Has Gone Viral

Differences in language can undoubtedly create an invisible barrier between human beings.

So this three-year-old girl with hearing difficulties must have been excited when the Santa from Middleborough’s Cleveland Centre started communicating with her in a way she could understand: sign language.

The girl, Mali Williams-Cody, met Kris Kringle, who was dressed as Santa, on November 5.

Mali’s mother explained that she couldn’t talk well. Kringle asked if sign language was a possible avenue for a chat. When Mom replied that it was, Santa launched into a heartwarming conversation with Mali, who requested a scooter for Christmas.

An onlooker who caught the touching moment on video uploaded it to YouTube a month later. Since then, it’s gotten over 2.7 million views. Check out the clip to see why!

But that’s not the end of the story. Learn what happened afterward!

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