Young Girl Not Sure About Santa, Until He Starts Signing To Her!

Mali is a delightful little girl living in Middlesbrough, England. She has trouble with speech and communication so she attends a special school to help with that and that is where she learned to sign. On a visit to the Cleveland Centre, she was a little hesitant to be with Santa. Santa asked of she knew sign language and when Mali’s mother said yes, he went to work! After asking if she wanted a doll for Christmas, you can see her face light up and she opens up to him and lets him know what she really wants! It’s really magical!
As for the Santa, he doesn’t really want any publicity. He didn’t give out his real name. He works as a special needs assistant when he’s not Santa which is where he learned sign language.
To be able to bring that much joy to a little girl is really a special gift!

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