Is Giving Your Child “The Talk” Impossible? Check Out This First-Of-Its-Kind Program for ASD Teens!

There’s one subject out there that’s hard enough for parents of neurotypical children to talk about, but even more so for parents of children with autism.

Issues of sex.

Like their neurotypical counterparts, people on the spectrum have sexual feelings and desires. But they’re also more prone to being taken advantage of.

So issues of relationships, pregnancy, STDs, and violence are vital things for people on the spectrum to know about. But it can be hard for them to apply this knowledge when given it via traditional teaching methods.

That’s why the story about Philadelphia’s new autism program is so exciting.

The program is called Your Life, and it is a sexual education course geared specifically toward teens ages 14 through 18 on the spectrum. Using methods like role play and theatrical elements, teens in the Philadelphia area can learn the information they need to know about healthy sexual behavior.

Learn more about this awesome program in the video below!

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