This Part Of The Spectrum Isn’t Always Shown, But It’s A Reality For Many Families… Let’s Spread Awareness!

Autism can present itself differently in everyone on the spectrum.

This video shows us a side of the spectrum that is not often promoted — but is definitely prevalent.

The young man in this video has severe autism and epilepsy, is nonverbal, and frequently engages in self-injurious behavior.

His propulsion to hit himself can be triggered by sickness, thirst, hunger, and being unable to express his feelings or needs. His feelings are fragile, and the slightest changes in his environment can send him careening off the edge.

The following video is an example of what self-injurious behavior can look like. You’ll see him hit himself over and over again, his head protected by a helmet, and you’ll witness his mother leaping into action.

Convenient text boxes explaining the mother’s choices appear onscreen as she guides him through his self-destructive behavior.

Want to see a side of the spectrum not often shown? Take a look.

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