Yori the Service Dog Is Making a Huge Impact on Children on the Spectrum

Yori is a service dog who works in a classroom with children with autism. He plays fetch for hours on end, even though he reportedly does not even like the game. He cares about the kids he works with and understands what he needs to do to help them connect to the world around them.

Life isn’t always easy for Yori. He’s been roughly handled by the children in his classroom, who don’t always understand how to properly interact with a dog. But he takes it all in stride.

“I have never, never found a teaching tool as effective as this dog,” says autism education specialist Elizabeth Olsen.

She remembers the day he first whimpered when a child treated him roughly and how excited he was to come back the next day, even though they both knew it might mean more rough treatment. He is truly dedicated to his job.

Yori the wonderdog provides just the puppy love these kids need to grow in their interaction with the world around them. Outsiders report noticing that Olsen’s classroom has seemed like a much calmer place since she got Yori this year, even though she’s been teaching special education for about 9 years.

Check out this amazing pooch in the video below!

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