They Look Like Normal Jeans, But There’s a Secret Behind Them

Things that may seem small to many of us present a challenge to people with sensory sensitivities. For example, tags, buttons, and seams in clothing can be difficult to handle for many with autism and other disorders where sensory integration is often an issue.

That’s what makes ABL Denim’s line of pants so special.

The jean company started in 2011, with a goal in mind: make jeans more comfortable and accessible to people with disabilities. So the founder, Stephanie Alves, designed jeans that would be easier for people in wheelchairs to get on and off. Not too surprisingly, the public eventually began asking for sensory-friendly jeans.

Their wish has since been granted.

The kid-tested, kid-approved sensory-friendly jeans are fashioned from a super-soft, sweatpant-like denim and have no harsh seams, buttons, zippers, or rivets. But they are still real jeans that look totally normal. The unisex jeans also feature an elastic waistband and are available in children’s sizes 6-20. On their website, you can find full-length pants, broadshorts, and shorts in this accommodating design.

Sadly, the company hasn’t yet come out with an adult version of these particular sensory-friendly jeans, but they do have other styles available in adult sizes (one of which can also be good for people with autism). Hopefully that means we’ll see grown-up sizes in the near future, too!

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A. Stout received a Bachelor of Arts in Writing through Grand Valley State University, graduating Magna Cum Laude in 2015. In addition to being a passionate autism advocate, she is a member of various fandoms, a study abroad alumna, and an animal lover. She dreams of publishing novels and traveling all over the world someday.