TEDx: A Woman With Asperger’s Explains Her Sensory Experience In Depth

From a young age, Wendy knew her brain was a little different. But when she tried to explain this to friends and family, she wasn’t taken seriously. People mostly just laughed at her words, which conditioned her to stay quiet most of the time. That is, until she was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome.

According to Wendy, while neuro-typical people log memories in photographic form and categorize them with words, she thinks “in colors and images and layers.”

But instead of seeing her unusual thought patterns as obstacles or disabilities, she has spent her adult life examining the unique benefits they bring to the world. Now she’s ready to share what she’s learned with us.

Today, Wendy studies the immense opportunities that exist when we open our mind to different ways of neuro-cognitive thinking.

Watch as she explains her unique form of sensory experience and the process she went through to become aware of her neurological differences. Her description of what the number four and the sound of a vacuum cleaner does to her will astonish you, and her metaphor of her awareness as a sponge will make all the things that confuse you about this disorder fall into place.

Check it out!

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