A Marine Is Finally Reunited With His Wife And Their Adorable Baby, And It Is So Sweet!

The only thing that can make a military homecoming better, in my opinion, is the addition of an adorable little baby. Luckily for us, this video features one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen! The reunion between this marine and his wife is precious, but the cute baby really steals the show. The way she walks into her dad’s arms is so adorable!

See this family reunion for yourself!

*You can send joy to our troops this Valentine’s Day. Find out how at the end of this page.*


For most, Valentine’s Day is a time to appreciate their loved ones through the exchange of cards, chocolates and other gifts. Overseas, our service members don’t have the luxury of spending this holiday with those closest to their heart.

But you can help.

How? By sending them comfort in the form of care packages. This Valentine’s Day, we want our troops to know that they’re loved, and that their efforts and sacrifices haven’t gone unnoticed. The following box gives more details on how you can help.

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