“Ferrets Are Made of God” — The Story of an Autistic Boy and His Miracle Pet

Companionship comes in many forms. Many of us enjoy the companionship of animals even more than we enjoy the companionship of human beings like ourselves. For Sean, that rule applies even more than it does for most people

Sean has autism, and many people have a hard time understanding him. He has trouble making friends and finds himself getting angry at people and having meltdowns far more often than he’d like to. Just making life work every day as a child with autism can be a taxing chore.

But when he finds a ferret friend, Rocky, it becomes Sean’s only true friend.

They both are there for each other, understand each other, and benefit from each others friendship!

Want to see some heartwarming images of Sean and Rocky’s six-year friendship? Check out the photo montage in the video below, complete with interesting quotes from Sean, such as, “Ferrets are made of God.” We’ll let the philosophers tangle with that particular statement; what do we really know about it after all?

In the meantime, check out the video!

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