John Elder Robison Urges Public to Support Brain Tissue Research

The notion of finding a cure for autism has been ethically criticized for years — while some believe wiping out ASD ought to be the goal of scientific research, others who advocate for increased understanding and opportunities for those with autism within neuro-typical society feel that focus on finding a cure moves us in the wrong direction societally.

In the following video, taken at the 2014 International Meeting for Autism Research (IMFAR), John Elder Robison, renowned autism self advocate and author of Look Me in the Eye, a memoir detailing his life with Asperger syndrome, gives a heartfelt appeal to the autism community to recognize the crucial importance of brain tissue research, regardless of it’s potential to find a cure.

Check out the video to hear what Robison has to say, and consider what finding a cure could really mean for the autism community.

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