You Can Only See This Elementary School’s Autism Awareness Program from the Sky!

What do you do to show your support for people with autism and encourage awareness for spectrum disorders? Well one little school has done something amazing that can only be truly appreciated from the sky!

Village Elementary school in Texas celebrated their month-long Autism Awareness program with the students forming a ribbon on the field and having a drone record the event.

This project demonstrates just how important perspective is. For the students and staff on the ground, you can’t see the blue autism awareness ribbon very well; all you can see is a bunch of bodies. But when you get up into the air, you can see that the kids take a shape one person could never make on their own (and we think it’s cool that you can still see all the individual people too).

Appreciating someone with autism is like that too. Until you get to know them and have some perspective, you may not understand why they act the way they act. But there’s so much more to them than what you see on the outside!

This is an amazing student body, and we really appreciate the hard work that went into making this important statement. Way to go, Village!!

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