SAP’s Autism At Work Initiative

Last year, the software corporation SAP created the Autism at Work Initiative. Their end goal? To train and employ more than 600 people on the autism spectrum worldwide by 2020 — and they’re on their way!

The program’s kick-off was May 1st, 2014, when they announced that they would be employing five new workers on the autism spectrum at the American Headquarters in Newton Square, PA. In celebration of the initiative, the global powerhouse hosted an Autism Awareness Day, inviting partners, advocacy groups, members of the community, and government officials to take part in the festivities.

While at the event, Jack Markell, Delaware’s governor, praised the initiative, saying, “What happens is, when you give them a shot, when they have the proper training and the proper support, they prove themselves. When the focus is on the ability rather than the disability, people can achieve amazing things.”

In early 2017, the company hit the 100-person mark. And the numbers have only gone up from there!

Take a look at the video to learn more about this amazing new program!

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