Practical Ways You Can Make Outings and Errands Run More Smoothly for People with Autism

Going grocery shopping or running errands can be stressful for anyone. But it can be especially stressful for families with a loved one on the autism spectrum.

Sharon Hollander, a psychologist at Children’s Specialized Hospital, has several tips for parents, beginning with this one: preparation is key!

In the following video, she gives you some practical tips to help make running errands more manageable. From letting management know your child is on the autism spectrum to keeping trips short and sweet to bringing along an extra adult or two, there are many things you can do to help avoid meltdowns, sensory overload, wandering, and more.

Take a look, and then let us know what works for you!

Speaking of shopping, it can be very difficult for parents with a wheelchair-bound child to go grocery shopping.

Learn about how one grocery store made a difference for a family in this situation!

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