Royal Caribbean: The First In The Industry To Become Autism-Friendly!

The Royal Caribbean cruise line was the first in the industry to be certified as autism-friendly. The cruise line worked with the travel organization Autism on the Seas to help make their vacation experience more fun and less stressful for people with autism and their families.

Other cruise lines have also worked with this organization, but Royal Caribbean has topped their performance by becoming the first to achieve a bronze-level certification.

Among the many accommodations available to those on the spectrum are sensory-related toys, modified youth activities, autism-friendly movies, priority boarding, and special dietary accommodations.

Photo: Flickr/Kevin Nguyen-Tu
Photo: Flickr/Kevin Nguyen-Tu

Why is it so important for cruises to offer accomodations like these? If you’ve got a child with autism, you know it can be difficult to go on outings with your family without things becoming hectic and stressful. Your child’s dietary restrictions or sensory issues have probably caused you to leave an event early or take extra preparation steps in the past. Vacations can end up being more work than they’re worth.

Now Royal Caribbean and Autism on the Seas are seeking to change that. They want every family to be able to relax and enjoy their vacation!

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