Photographer Showcases the Beauty in Human Diversity–And Delights His Subjects!

Rick Guidotti is the founder of the nonprofit Positive Exposure, which aims to show “the beauty in human diversity.”

As a fashion photographer based in New York City, Guidotti grew tired of being told who was beautiful enough to photograph. One day, after seeing a stunning woman on the street who had albinism, he did some research about disabilities and genetic differences in general — and what he saw was discouraging.

He wanted to paint people with differences in a more positive light, and empower them to see themselves as beautiful — and urge the world to recognize their beauty, too. People should be allowed to interpret beauty however they choose, and not be beholden to the skewed standards that the beauty industry spits out.

In the brief documentary, you’ll see Guidotti photograph and interact with a couple of children with genetic or behavioral differences. One of the boys, Austin, has Fragile X Syndrome, a known genetic cause of autism. His mother Sara was grateful for the opportunity to show the world her wonderful son.

“A lot of times people don’t see or know the joys — the many, many, many positives that people with disabilities experience,” Sara says. “Photography and art are the perfect vehicles to really shine a light on that.”

Watch the video to learn more!

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