Learn How This Everyday Activity Causes Tremendous Stress for People with Autism

For those who don’t have autism, it can be a little confusing as to why some things can be so bothersome to people on the spectrum.

That’s where videos like this come in handy, to help people without autism step inside the shoes of someone with it.

The video tells the story of what happened when Laura James, a journalist, mother, and woman on the spectrum, went to a restaurant with her husband one evening.

From the busy atmosphere to the enormous menu with seemingly infinite choices to the noises to the fact that she couldn’t get her meal the way she wanted it, it was all very overwhelming for her. In the end, she needed to take a second to step outside and recollect herself…which she found rather embarrassing.

Take a look. Her incisive narrative paints a really clear picture as to why going out to a restaurant can be so stressful for a person with autism and sensory issues.

It almost makes you wonder…how do neurotypicals handle it?—even if you are neurotypical yourself!

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