Toddler With Autism Finally Feeds Himself In An Amazing Breakthrough Moment

If you are a parent of a child on the spectrum, you know that no milestone or sign of progress is too small to celebrate. And for that reason, you will probably identify with the pride Reese’s parents undoubtedly felt when they recorded this video of their sweet little son eating.

Reese is a toddler on the autism spectrum who just experienced a meltdown that lasted half an hour. Now he has calmed down and is eating a meal.

Lately at mealtime, however, Reese wants to sit in his mom’s lap and have her feed him. But Reese’s parents, like most other parents, want their son to strive for independence. They see the best in him and know he can do it himself.

So Reese’s mom patiently sits with him and encourages him until he eats a cranberry all by himself. And then she showers him with praise. He is so adorable and his smile positively lights up the room!

See Reese’s success at mealtime. You’ll be as proud of him as his parents are!

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