The Fascinating Things People with Autism Love…and the Reasons Behind Their Interests

One common aspect of Autism Spectrum Disorder is having one or more special interests, or as some put it, “obsessions.” A person with ASD will often become very fixated on a particular topic—often very specific but certainly not always. They could spend hours researching or engaging with this particular topic. They may want to know as much about it as humanly possible. It may be all they want to talk about. Ultimately, special interests make people with autism happy, providing comfort and respite from the world.

There are as many special interests out there as there are people with autism. But what are some of them? And what is it about those subjects that’s so intriguing to these individuals? We scoured the archives of Reddit in hopes of finding people on the spectrum who could tell us. And we loved reading their unique, diverse, and interesting answers. Check them out!

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(Note: Some posts have been edited for length, spelling, and grammar.)

10. “Currently, I’m totally obsessed with my N3DSXL.”

“The level of immersion I feel when playing a 3D game is surreal.” —Reddit user Venabili

9. “Right now, Hearthstone and pro wrestling.”

[On pro wrestling:] “There’s so much depth to pro wrestling which goes largely unrecognized….I’m just obsessed with the [minutiae] of technique, both in the ring and in terms of the presentation as a whole.” —Reddit user Krags

Two wrestlers in stance on stage

8. “Philosophy, Neuroscience, Comic Books, and Long…Quotations.”

[Of soliloquies and monologues:] “Feels more comfortable speaking in another’s voice.” —Reddit user Nero_MD

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