9 Things People With Autism Wish You Knew

6. “An instruction manual that I never got…”

“Having autism, especially in a social context, feels rather like being an alien. Most humans seem to be born with an instruction manual that I never got. Anger looks like this, happiness looks like that. Talking to yourself is totally normal, but doing so out loud is definitely not. That kind of thing. Now, over the course of my life, I’ve been able to learn these different cues, but it’s never going to be fully instinctual.” – Reddit user omegasavant


5. Use direct language, not hints or slang

“I need you to be VERY clear in your directions of what you need me to to.” – Reddit user foreverflightless


4. “Conversation for many autistic people is like a game of Battleship”

“Importance of thoughtful feedback and the benefit of the doubt. I honestly think the whole world would benefit from giving and receiving more and better feedback, but it’s crucial for autistic people. Conversation for many autistic people is like a game of Battleship; we often don’t know whether what we said was a “hit” or not unless the other person tells us and is both honest and patient about explaining exactly why what we said was hurtful. I flat out gave up talking to people for a year in high school because I was so tired of unintentionally offending people.” – Reddit user Ariar

Jacob H. is an award-winning journalist and photojournalist who currently resides is West Michigan with his wife. In his spare time, Jacob enjoys writing, photography, mountain climbing, and camping.
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