Recognizing Autism in Early Childhood Development with These Simple Steps

Detecting symptoms early is important for children with autism—the sooner autism is diagnosed and treated, the easier it will be for the child to develop socially. Parents can help their children get a diagnosis and treatment as early as possible by watching out for the signs of autism and checking that their babies are reaching the milestones most children hit at certain ages.

There are some early signs to look out for, such as certain tics and a lack of eye-contact, that will help you determine whether your child has autism. If your child tends not to respond to his or her name by the time he or she is a year old and prefers particular objects over people, even other babies and toddlers, his or her anti-social tendencies could be a sign of autism.

However, these symptoms aren’t definite evidence that a child has autism, so make sure to bring any concerns to a doctor for a proper diagnosis.

Find out more about how to recognize the early signs of autism in this video. The 11 steps to this instructional video are simple and offer specific age groups to help you determine whether your child is on track socially and developmentally.

Check it out for yourself!

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