I Can’t Believe A Nine Year Old Petitioned His Elementary School!

What happens when you cut 5 minutes off of a 20 minute lunch and a 20 minutes recess? You get a written petition signed by 3rd graders! 9-year-old Alex Armstrong of Seattle, WA, gathered his classmates together and formed what they are calling Recesses Army [sic]. Their mission is to regain the time taken from them, time that is crucial to their productivity. Without this break from class, Alex claims that he has to finish his lunch at home!

The board for Alex’s school made this decision because they were lacking instructional minutes. But after seeing the petition, they are considering the matter further. 15 minutes for lunch and 15 for recess does not seem like enough time but Alex’s school also emphasizes classes like PE, which is getting cut in other schools. Check out his adorable petition and his plea to the school system of Seattle!

Playing is in an important part of childhood. It allows creativity to flourish outside the realms of paper and pencil. Think of all the games that made sense to you as a child; games with intricate rules and arbitrary point systems; games where there was no winner, no losers, and everyone wanted to play again as soon as possible. By restricting play you are restricting a child’s right to be a child. You can take action now and sign a petition for grown-ups supporting creative play!

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