These People with Autism Reacting to Sweet Surprises Will Give You All the Happy Feels

It is pretty well-known that many people with autism are not terribly fond of the unexpected. Many of them like things to be nice and predictable so that they know what is coming.

Well, here are some exceptions to that.

In the video below, five individuals on the spectrum get fantastic surprises. And their reactions are great. The first and last ones, especially. Talk about heart-meltingly sweet!

Check it out; it will be sure to put you in a good mood, even if you are having a bad day!

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In many cases, the media portrays autism in a negative light. But autism, while it comes with its unique challenges, is not necessarily a tragedy. These parents are out to set the record straight and show the world that autism can, in fact, be fun! Learn more about it here!

After that, you can check out this video of a sweet couple on the autism spectrum! Not gonna lie, I totally envy their relationship; it is so sweet!

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