Tired of Spills? Try THIS Simple Trick on Your Kids’ Cups!

Some of everybody’s least favorite things are walking across a rug that’s recently been splattered with fruit punch or sitting down on the couch after a long day only to find you’ve gotten apple juice on your pants.

The way kids learn to eat and drink without spilling all over the place is through practice. But how can you let them practice when you’re also trying to keep your floors and furniture from being perpetually sticky?

This dad has obviously experienced this issue more than once.

Besides the cup your child will be drinking from, the only tools you’re going to need for this simple trick are a rubber band, two pieces of plastic wrap, and a straw. The dad in the video recommends two pieces of plastic wrap to ensure liquids stay in the cup.

Once you have all your supplies, this project takes less than a minute. That means you can do it without too much hassle every time you get your child a new drink.

Photo: Rumble/yongnam367c
Photo: Rumble/yongnam367c

You could even try saving the plastic wrap and straw to use a few times in a row if they don’t get damaged (although we recommend carefully and thoroughly cleaning them if you’re going to reuse for more than one day).

Pro tip: remind your child not to play with the plastic wrap, lest they eventually tear through the thin layers with those little fingers that love to pick and poke at things! Or use extra layers of plastic wrap to make getting through it more difficult.

Now we’re wondering, is it possible to do this with more than just drinks? We’re thinking soup might not be a bad option to try, as long as it’s not too hot. Maybe some of us messy grownups could use this trick too to avoid getting food down the front of our shirts.

Photo: Rumble/yongnam367c
Photo: Rumble/yongnam367c

Honestly, the uses for this liquidy trick are almost endless. We can’t wait to try it!

In the video below, you’ll learn more about this dad’s clever hack, see just how long it takes, and watch it in action after it’s complete. You won’t believe how well it holds up, even with the straw in it!

We definitely thought a little bit of the liquid was going to escape at some point. But you’ll have to try this trick yourself to find out how hard it actually is to get the cup to finally spill some of its contents.

Check out the video to see how this simple idea becomes an almost-instant reality!

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