A Boy With Autism Was Devastated After He Lost His Cat. Then This Happens.

Just about any pet owner can tell you this: a pet is never “just an animal.” They are truly a member of the family. They love us, comfort us when we’re sad, and provide a consistent sense of companionship and loving support when the world feels dark, cold, and lonely.

That’s why losing a pet is so tragic and agonizing for so many people. You lose a furry (or scaly or feathery) friend who loved you without any conditions, and it feels like they have left a huge hole in your heart where they should be.

Jared probably knows that feeling firsthand. See, he and his cat Clyde grew up together. When Jared was 10, he became heartbroken after 11-year-old Clyde disappeared.

But then, after spending 12 days without his best friend, Jared found a surprise waiting for him when he got home from school…

I’m sure you can guess what that surprise is!

Take a look at their heartwarming reunion!

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