8-Year-Old Describes What It’s Like Living with Autistic Brother, And It’s a Beautiful Thing

Mattias has a 10-year-old brother named Christian. Christian has autism and struggles to fit in with other kids his age, but that doesn’t stop Mattias from enjoying the time he spends with Christian. There are plenty of things Matthias loves about his brother, including his great sense of humor.

Christian loves playing in the ocean with Mattias, and something magical happens to him when he’s in the water. It’s like you’d never know he had autism, says Mattias.

Mattias admits there are times where it’s difficult having a brother with autism. But that doesn’t make how he feels about his brother change one bit.

check out the video below as Mattias tells us all about his brother! He hopes that one day the world will find a way to make life easier for his brother living with autism. If nothing else, his testimony will bring joy and hope to those who live with disorders like Christian’s and those whose lives have been touched by them.

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