Watch What Happens When This Autistic Young Man Receives Puppy Cuddles!

Okay, who DOESN’T love puppies? Uh, I don’t think anyone fits that bill…especially not this guy! He LOVES them.

This young man has autism and is nonverbal.

When his mom introduces him to two baby chihuahua pups, his reaction is priceless! I think the way his mom introduces them is what really makes him giggle!

Watch the adorableness unfold in the video!

It’s a well-known fact that people with autism often benefit significantly from having interactions with animals; it often boosts their social behaviors and relieves anxiety.

The animal doesn’t even have to be a service dog or a therapy dog; they can just be a family pet. From guinea pigs to horses, just about any animal could do.

Do you or does your child have a special and beloved pet that has made a big impact? Tell us about it!

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