This Sweet Girl Bursts into Tears When She Finds Out Her New Doll Is Just Like Her

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When I was a child, American Girl dolls were a pretty big deal, so needless to say, I desperately wanted one. That’s why, on Christmas morning in the late 90s, I screamed with glee when I unwrapped a brand new Samantha doll. I was so excited!

But I highly doubt that my excitement back then even came close to one little girl’s when she received her special American Girl doll.

In June 2016, the girl’s mother, Courtney posted a video of the moment to Facebook, where it has gone viral.

And it’s really no wonder why; when the 10-year-old Texan, named Emma, finds out her brand new American Girl doll has a prosthetic leg just like her, she’s so overcome with joy that it is tear-inducing (in other words, be sure to grab those tissues before clicking the play button!).

Emma, we hope both you and your new American Girl doll have many fun adventures in your future together! What a special surprise this must have been for you!

Tears of JOY!:)… A Step Ahead Prosthetics …
Thank you!

Posted by Courtney Fletcher Bennett on Wednesday, June 1, 2016

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