This Dad Uses Two Simple Techniques to Calm His Son and Prevent a Meltdown

Meltdowns are a common yet incredibly challenging aspect of being on the autism spectrum. The best way to control meltdowns is to prevent them from happening in the first place — keeping your child or yourself away from places or situations that tend to be triggering. Of course, that doesn’t always work; sometimes unforeseen situations arise, and sometimes you need to go somewhere potentially distressing.

But even if that happens, a meltdown can still be prevented.

That was what happened with Ian, a boy on the spectrum, who was racing along a hiking trail with his brother, Connor. For the boys’ own safety, their dad put an end to the competition. Ian had a tantrum, which began to spiral into a meltdown. So, filming the occurrence, his dad took action to help calm his son — all the while keeping his cool. Check out what Dad does, and rest assured: the video was posted to YouTube with Ian’s permission.

Of course, not all meltdowns can be prevented in this way because everyone is different and situations are different. But it is worth trying, nevertheless!

How do you prevent an oncoming meltdown? Share your method in the comments!

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