Young Man With Autism Has Memorable 21st Birthday After Post Malone Shows Him Kindness

One California man’s 21st birthday is one he’ll never forget after he met one o his favorite rappers. while dining out with his family and friends.

Andrew Schumacher was out celebrating at Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills with his mom, brother, and a few of his friends, when they were seated at the table next to 9-time Grammy-nominated rapper Post Malone, whose first name is Austin.

Photo: YouTube/FOX 11 Los Angeles

When another table sent a bottle of sake to Post Malone’s table, he walked over to thank them and then unexpectedly walked over to Schumacher’s table.

“He was so incredibly kind and patient with our son who has autism,” Schumacher’s mom, Nicole, told FOX 11. “Andrew has a hard time speaking and Austin was so natural and sweet with him.”

Photo: YouTube/FOX 11 Los Angeles

Schumacher’s mom explained to Post Malone that her son has autism and knows all of his songs.

“Dude, thank you for listening,” Post Malone said to him before shaking his hand. “That’s so sweet and nice to meet you. Have fun dude, but not too much fun.”

Schumacher knew who Post Malone was the second he walked into the restaurant, and even knew that his real first name is Austin.

Photo: YouTube/FOX 11 Los Angeles

His mom says that her son always draws pictures of his “friends,” and the most recent drawing he made was one of him standing next to Post Malone.

It’s safe to say that Schumacher’s 21st birthday was one he will always remember!

Post Malone’s kindness was caught on camera, which you can watch in the video below:

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