This Sweet Service Dog Is Making School a Lot Easier for One Boy with Autism

For Conor, an 8-year-old boy on the spectrum, school just got a lot more bearable with the help of his new furry friend, Peyton. They’ve only been together for about a month in the video, but this sweet poodle has already made Conor more comfortable in his school environment.

“His initial reaction to any change was to scream, fling himself on the floor,” Conor’s mother says. “And then it was… picking him up, trying to console him.”

Now that Conor has Peyton, those meltdowns have changed drastically. Even if Conor does have a strong reaction to a difference in environment, Peyton will lie on top of him to comfort him — making his outbursts last seconds rather than 15 minutes.

Watch the video to learn more about Conor and Peyton!

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