Police Surprise Autistic Boy By Escorting Him To His First Day Of School

Going back to school can be a frightening prospect for any student, but when you have autism, it presents unique challenges. For the past 2 weeks, Liam Sprinkle, a 6-year-old boy with autism, has been learning online. His mother talks about the situation, according to KHOU 11, saying:

“It was all crying in front of the computer. Autism is so different in every child. And I still don’t even know how to treat my son, because sometimes, he surprises me with different behavior.”

It was a difficult start but Sprinkle and her husband talked it out with Liam’s teachers and decided that face-to-face learning and therapy was the best option.

Tuesday was his first day back to school. Since Liam was struggling so much, Sprinkle wanted to do something to make that first day special. She remembered seeing something in a parking lot that Liam loved. It was an “Autism Humvee” that belonged to the Freeport Police Department.

That vehicle helps to raise awareness of autism in the community. Chief Raymond Garivey spoke about it with the news station, saying: “People treat them sometimes…different. We are all different in one way, shape or form, but we are all from God. So that’s what we are doing.”

On Monday, Sprinkle called him out of the blue to ask if he would be willing to use the Humvee to take Liam to school. She said he needed something that would make him smile and lift his spirits.

Interestingly, Liam and his family live in Pasadena, which is about an hour away from Freeport. “I had to make it happen,” Chief Garivey said. “Caring for somebody has no city boundaries, no city limits.”

Chief Garivey rolled up to pick him up in the Humvee with all of the lights flashing. He wanted to take Liam to school in style.

Liam came running out of the house as soon as they were out front. He was waving out of the window and was so excited. Best of all, he had a huge smile on his face!

Chief Garivey some things up by saying: “We work for God. It’s our job to help Him make people happy on his earth.”

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