Teen’s Life-Changing Decision to Play This Sport Was Prompted by His Unique Fashion Choices

Alex Ebel was adopted from a Russian orphanage just before he turned two. When he was five, he was diagnosed with autism.

Because of a sensory processing disorder, Alex has always been particular about what clothing he will wear − and Ralph Lauren polos have always been a favorite. He likes the way they look and feel better than any other piece of clothing.

One day, Alex looked down at the polo player embroidered on the chest of the polo shirt he was wearing and said, “If I’m wearing polo, shouldn’t I be playing polo?” His parents were surprised, as Alex didn’t like to sweat, be outside, or be around animals, but they found him a polo instructor. And it paid off.

Now Alex is 17. In the two years since he has been playing, his confidence, social life, speech patterns, and even his movement have improved. He now enjoys being outside and doesn’t mind getting a little sweaty, especially if it’s on the back of a horse practicing polo.

Watch the video to hear how polo has changed Alex’s life. This teen is truly inspiring!

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