Philadelphia Eagles Have Opened An Autism Friendly Sensory Room For Fans

The Philadelphia Eagles are taking a major step forward and attempting to include more fans. The recent announcement about the opening of an autism-friendly sensory room has won the franchise a great deal of praise. Families and fans who are currently living with a host of sensory challenges stand to benefit immensely. KultureCitya nonprofit dedicated to changing the world to benefit those with sensory needs, and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia have collaborated with the team on the project.

This is a major step towards creating a greater level of inclusiveness. Lincoln Financial Field (aka “The Link”) has now become one of the first stadiums in the country have such a room located inside of the venue.

Photo: Philly Voice / Philadelphia Eagles

Fans can enjoy a secure 500-square-foot suite that comes equipped with all of the necessary tools including weighted lap pads, fidget tools, verbal cue cards, and noise-canceling headphones. Lincoln Financial Field staffers and Eagles employees will also receive the necessary training to identify patrons who are in danger of experiencing a sensory overload.

“It is truly heartwarming to know that this state-of-the-art sensory room will now provide a sense of ease and comfort for families and loved ones who may be experiencing sensory challenges at Lincoln Financial Field,” Eagles CEO and Chairman, Jeffrey Lurie, says in the Eagles announcement.

“In this moment, we are creating a major shift from autism awareness to action, and it is all thanks to our compassionate and caring fans, Eagles Autism Challenge supporters, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and the autism community around the world,” Lurie continued.

KultureCity is also providing an app that is designed to enhance the fan experience.

Photo: CNN / Philadelphia Eagles

This is awesome news that we are glad to share with all of our readers. With any luck, other professional sports franchises will be willing to follow suit as soon as possible.

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