To The People Who Raised Us And Still Love Us Unconditionally: Thank You!

Your mom and dad are your biggest fans. They’ve patched up your boo-boos (emotional and physical), cheered for you during games, bragged about you to their friends, and worked hard to make sure you’ve had a good life. Even if it seemed like they were being “unreasonable” when you missed curfew as a high schooler or their love seemed too “tough;” even if they pushed you too hard do your homework, or practice piano, or find a better job (or better boyfriend), the fact is: they did it all out of love. Their love for you is unlike any other person’s on the planet. They are your best friends, and your strongest supporters.

July 26th is Parents’ Day. Today (and every day) we’d like to celebrate our moms and dads. This video shows some of the most memorable moments on this journey of parenthood — from pregnancy announcements to early morning snuggles; from budding personalities to first words; from first days of school to first days of baseball; from high school to college; from serving in the military to emotional homecomings; and from teary wedding days to happy reunions. From the beginning to the end, parents are there to support you. To love you. To celebrate with you.

So for filling so many important roles in our lives and giving us unconditional love, we want to thank them.

This video compilation shows moments that are alternately hilarious, tender, and emotional.

Hug your biggest fans (your parents!) today! <3

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