10 Autism Parenting Experiences That Will Make You Say “Yup, That’s Basically My Life”

Being a parent is hard. It doesn’t matter who your child is or what their diagnosis is. But if your child is on the autism spectrum, you may find yourself facing a few unique challenges that other parents may not necessarily encounter.

Here, we outline just ten of those relatable experiences. So take a minute to look through them and laugh at this beautiful, messy, complicated life you have.

10. When the manufacturer stops making one of the five foods your child will eat.

The man cry and keep his head. View from above
NOOOOOOOOOOO! THE HORROR, THE HORROR! Because you KNOW your child will not eat that same food in any other brand; they will be able to tell the difference. They will know if this other brand used a teaspoon of salt as opposed to a half teaspoon. They will know if this product was baked at 350 degrees rather than 375. And that is just unacceptable to them.

9. Sleep-deprivation is all too real.

little girl waking her sleeping parents up in bed
You can’t help but chuckle at the parents of young, neurotypical children. Oh, you’re complaining that your kid woke you up at six in the morning? How adorable. Try three in the morning, because that’s basically everyday for you! You run on caffeine and love for your child. But especially caffeine. Autism parents need ALL the coffee!

8. Seriously, who invented daylight savings?!

Change Your Clocks
Every fall and every spring, you contemplate building a time machine and going back to smack the guy who decided this would be a good idea.

7. Babysitting can be a real issue.

young woman with two children are reading a book
The people you trust to babysit your child are pretty few in number…so whenever someone suggests “Just get a babysitter!” you laugh. Or cry.

6. Absolute worst-case scenarios: the battery dies, the Wi-Fi goes out, or the video buffers.

Hands holding mobile with low battery warning on the screen.
Meltdown in three…two…one…

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