How One Young Man on the Spectrum Overcame His Social Awkwardness

Social struggles and awkwardness are a pretty significant issue for many people on the autism spectrum. However, those with autism who want to improve their social skills are not just “stuck;” they can work to hone these skills through practice.

Daniel Wendler is a perfect example of how that can be made possible.

When he was thirteen, Wendler was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, and his psychologist handed him a list of social skills that people on the spectrum tend to lack. But rather than taking it as a list of symptoms, Daniel took it as a list of challenges he could learn to overcome.

After years of research and practice, Wendler feels that he has overcome every challenge on the list. He even started his own website,, to help others overcome their social deficiencies.

Hear him share his journey on Autism Live in this video!

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