Our Gift – by Linda Hill

We knew very early that Cal was developing differently from the earlier 3 Grandsons that are his cousins. He was diagnosed on the autism spectrum at age 2. At 3, he is a beautiful child, and though he won’t let others near him, he’s very loving with his extended family. His Mom, my beautiful daughter, had a learning disability, and I feel that she was chosen as the perfect Mom for Cal. To watch them together is like watching a dance that they both understand perfectly. Cal doesn’t speak or understand language, and we have all had to learn to communicate in other ways. He gets frustrated when we can’t understand, and of course, there are melt downs. He loves his 3 cousins and learns from them We are all a team now, dedicated to Cal being all he can be, but loving him just as he is. When he reaches for me, I’m a proud Nana! He’s our gift of love and certainly part of God’s plan for us.

Linda Hill
Beebe, AR

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