Traditional Education Methods Often Fail Autistic Students. This Advocate Has a Better Idea…

As an adult with autism who dropped out of school at age 16, John Elder Robison knows well the shortcomings of the modern education system.

“Autism made modern school an insurmountable challenge for me,” he says. “And it’s an insurmountable challenge for thousands and thousands of other young people with developmental differences today.”

According to Robison, it’s time for schools to stop seeing people with autism as “disabled” and instead rethink their approach to educating them. In this TEDx talk, Robison describes the ways book learning fails autistic students. While it may work for some students, it certainly doesn’t work for everyone because people don’t all learn in the same ways.

“With book learning only,” he argues, “we may get some of the facts but we don’t learn the skills.”

The solution? Something he calls “organic education.”

He insists that this “organic education” — hands-on training through apprenticeship and lab work — has the power to significantly improve career prospects and success potential for students with autism.

See Robison’s eye-opening and inspiring talk in the video below.

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