Make Tooth-Brushing and Dental Visits Less of a Battle By Following These Expert Tips!

It can be hard to get any kid to brush their teeth, but if your child is on the spectrum, it’s a whole new challenge. Sensory issues often play into tooth-brushing difficulties for kids, teens, and adults with autism. They may not like the feeling of the toothbrush or the taste of the toothpaste.

Dr. Charles Nelson of Seattle Children’s Hospital offers some tips for helping your child through an oral hygiene routine, along with a few ways to make visits to the dentist a little easier for kids on the spectrum.

Some of his tips actually really surprised me. For example, did you know that the bathroom is not always the best place to have a child on the spectrum brush their teeth? You might be better off taking care of this important health routine in their bedroom or in the living room on the floor.

Check out the video to learn more ways you can help your child have good oral hygiene.

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