“Not So Different” Is a Beautiful and Powerful Song That Promotes Autism Acceptance

Having created an anthem for children on the autism spectrum, Cassandra Kubinski tells us what has inspired her to write her song, “Not So Different.”

Having a friend with two children on the spectrum, Cassandra hopes that this song will raise awareness for autism. All proceeds will also be dedicated to help fund programs and services that are needed for families with a child on the spectrum.

Watch and listen to this beautiful song and how Cassandra and her amazing team did not let a little snow get in the way of creating a powerful music video for “Not So Different.”

The song itself, which is played in snippets in the video below, is empowering for children, teens, and adults on the spectrum. It encourages society to accept our uniqueness—because our diversity and differences are what make the world such a wonderful and beautiful place!

Check it out!

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