Hey, World: Here’s the TRUTH About People with Autism

Autism comes with its unique challenges and obstacles. There’s absolutely no doubt about that. But as a person who has lots of passion for the autism community, I also find it so horribly sad that that’s namely what many people focus on. It’s made out to be a tragedy and a burden and, worst case scenario, something that makes the people who have it less human, somehow. Those who have it are sometimes made out to be broken or damaged.

And that’s just so sad.

Yes, it is true that autism is hard. It can be hard for the individual as well as the family. But that’s not all it is, and to make it out to be a hopeless situation is simply wrong.

That’s why I love this mom’s approach to her sons on the spectrum, as well as what she has to say.

Bea Huste-Peterson is a mom to four kids, two of whom are on the spectrum. In her opinion, people with autism are gifts who are filled with incredible potential. All we need to do is figure out how to help them achieve that potential.

Listen to her words of wisdom in the video below!

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