This Nonverbal Teen “Talked” About His Best Friend for the First Time

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“Meet Kreed, who is medically fragile, has autism, and uses a device to communicate.

“And meet Skyler, who has Usher’s Syndrome, is deaf, losing peripheral vision, has autism, and currently does not have a means to effectively communicate.”

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Image courtesy of Kreed’s World

So begins a post by Kreed’s mom on their popular and informative blog, Kreed’s World. And while it sounds simple, what follows is anything but.

These two boys somehow managed to form a meaningful friendship despite the fact that they could not verbally communicate. Perhaps it was knowing that the other was facing similar challenges. Or maybe it was that they found strength in one another to move forward when life threw the unexpected their way.

In the end, it didn’t really matter how or why they were friends. All that matters is that they were.

Scroll down to watch the heartwarming video of Kreed using his AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) device to talk about Skyler, using the “best friend” button for the very first time.

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