He Really Does Have a Voice! Nonverbal Isaac Finds Words with Hit Song from Aladdin

There are many different ways people can communicate, in addition to spoken word. There’s sign language, body language, AAC, writing or typing, and even music.

Eight-year-old Isaac may be a non-verbal child with autism, but he’s got a real talent when it comes to using his voice! His music teacher has discovered he has an incredible gift of song.

Isaac has shed new light on how he’s able to communicate with friends, family, and peers. With the discovery of his talent for singing, they knew and witnessed Isaac had more in him than they first believed.

Watch as his music teacher, Kevin, captures Isaac singing Peabo Bryson’s Disney Duet, “A Whole New Word” from the movie, Aladdin. To his music teacher’s amazement, Isaac was able to sing Acapella and at the same key as the original song but with no music reference.

SHARE Isaac’s musical abilities to inspire families of children with autism. Spoken words are not the only form of communication out there—music can be a form of communication, too!

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