Non-Verbal Boy With Autism Says His Name For The First Time In Viral Video

TikTok has gained a lot of popularity for an assortment of videos that are shared on its site. Usually they’re funny or entertaining, but every so often you’ll get a very tender and heartwarming video.

One photographer, Haley McGuire, normally uses her TikTok to give her followers a peek at what goes on behind the scenes of her different photoshoots. But recently, she ended up uploading a video from her personal life. The video, which has recently gone viral, was of her five-year-old son, Micah.

The boy has non-verbal autism. Unfortunately, this means that Micah communicates through minimal words or non-verbal gestures to get his point across. Non-verbal autism is pretty common, in fact, it’s estimated that of those who are diagnosed with autism, 25-50% of them are non-verbal. Many children who are non-verbal will eventually learn to speak, but just at a later age.

For Micah, he finally began to speak a few words in recent weeks – something that was very exciting for the family, and the reason that Haley shared the exciting video on her TikTok. The video quickly went viral, accumulating more than 2.5 million views and 713.9k likes.

But that wasn’t the only video that Haley uploaded to her TikTok. After sharing the video of Micah speaking the different names of his family members, she uploaded a second one of Micah saying his very own name for the first time!

This one was very sweet as you could see his family members in the background having a reaction to it.

It’s clear to see why the second video went viral and ended up getting more of a reception than the first video. This second video quickly gained more than two million likes and nine million views!

With the entire internet invested in Micah’s story, Haley was happy to share an update on the child’s progress, which was resoundingly positive! According to Haley, Micah and his dad are working together on words, and Micah is doing very well – he is still talking. And that is wonderful news to hear. Well done, Micah!

If you’d like to follow along with Micah’s progress, the family has created a Facebook page for him.

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